The eMinutes Communications Center is accessible from your online portal. All communications from eMinutes are captured as messages in the Communications Center. From the Communications Center, you can control the way we communicate with you and communicate with eMinutes securely.

Control Your Preferences

eMinutes can send you individual emails or Daily Digests of our communications. You can turn your emails on or off and select the days of the week you would like to receive a Daily Digest.

Entity-Level Email Control

We have created a new feature to give our users the ability to control email preferences on an entity-by-entity basis. To access the entity email preferences, from the Companies tab our your portal, the first step is to click the gear icon (see screenshot below).

Message Indicator

The main navigation bar in your online portal will indicate the number of unread messages in your Communications Center.

Reply and Upload Documents Securely

Replying to messages in the Communications Center is a secure way to communicate with eMinutes and a secure way to upload documents since it goes directly to the eminutes server and all data transmission to and from the eminutes server is secured via SSL encryption.

Daily Digest

The Daily Digest will summarize all communications and unread messages.

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